Super Heroes!


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This week has been very exciting. Although we started off with a shock when Rosie and Raul were taken by the villain Romeo. We had a note and a letter with some challenges for us to complete. If we enough children completed the challenges, we should get Rosie and Raul back and a special certificate. The challenges this week have been: making buildings from Numicon, seeing if we can name the correct number, playing I Spy on a Superhero board using full sentences and playing superheroes on the small world table.

In Literacy and topic we have practiced talking in sentences. We have spoke about our favourite Superhero, discussed the different abilities they have and the equipment they use.

In Maths, we looked at Numicon and are beginning to look at them alongside our numbers. We have had to save the superhero by cracking the numicon code, or jumping on the numicon stones and unlocking the Numicon by matching with the correct key.

In Phonics, we have been continuing to practise our listening skills. We have looked at developing our awareness of sounds and rhythms. We sang songs such as “roly poly ever so slowly, roly poly faster” and making patterns and rhythms with our bodies. E.G clapping.

During choosing time, children have chosen from activities such as making numicon buildings, playing I Spy, making masks and capes and creating our own Superheroes.

Next week we will continue looking at body percussion. We will continue with our Superhero topic. In Maths we will look at 2D shapes around us and in pictures and using them to build.

BLP Learning Heroes

This week our BLP heroes are Katie (am) for resourcefulness in Maths , and  Layton(pm), for his positive attitude to learning . We can’t wait to here what exciting things you have been up to with Ollie Owl. We also have Joshua, Jax and Ruby who reached the Extraordinary Zone! We have had 6 children complete the Super learning hero challenges. These were Joshua, Ruby and Jax (am) and Maddie, Daisy and Layton (pm) Well done! We are very proud of  you.

At home with you Little Owl you can:

* Practice body percussion patterns. See if your Owl can repeat it. e.g clap clap stomp.

*Discuss favourite Superheroes and what power would you have if you were a super hero.

*Look for shapes in the environment around them.

*Read a story before bed.

Please make notes or add photos into the children’s home learning book as well as anything to share for weekend news and return to school on Monday.

Important Information

*Please bring in a pair of wellies (labelled with your child’s name), as we try to go out in all weather conditions. These can be left in school.

*Please write names in the labels of your children’s cardigans, jumpers, coats, hats and scarves. Thank you.

*Keep up to date on Twitter at @Owls_ MRPA (feel free to tweet us any super learning

*A donation of £1 a week towards snack would be greatly appreciated. This can be paid via ParentPay (you should have received your ParentPay log in details this week, if you have not received them please ask at the office).

Have a fantastic weekend.

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