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What a great second week in school. We have been very busy with learning, playing and a Parents Evening.

In Literacy and topic we have been focusing on the children’s choice of topic book, Owl Babies. We have read the story and used torches to follow the text. We have also listened to woodland sounds and described what we heard.

In Maths, we have been ordering 3 items by size and using the language big, medium and small. The Owl Babies from our story have been falling out over who is the biggest and who should get the biggest worms. They needed our help to order the Owls and the worms by size.

In Phonics, we have been learning to rhyme. We played silly soup, only choosing words that rhyme to put in the soup and played odd one out, choosing the object that didn’t rhyme.

During choosing time, children have chosen from activities such as leaf rubbing, ordering owls by size, practising cutting skills and threading.

Next week we will continue begin to look at syllables in words, continue with Owl Babies topic and creating a song and will look at taking away and adding objects to groups.

BLP Learning Heroes

This week our BLP heroes are  Esme (am) for building his reciprocity, working with other children to order items by size, and Elissa (pm), for using her listening skills during play and carpet sessions. We can’t wait to here what exciting things you have been up to with Ollie Owl. Well done! We are very proud of  you. We have had no children complete 3 challenges this week.  🙁 Hopefully we can improve this next week.

At home with you Little Owl you can:

*Talk about what animals come out at night and animals that come out in the day.

*Practise counting in order to 10 or 20.

*Create a picture with sticks and leaves collected from outside.

Please make notes or add photos into the children’s home learning book as well as anything to share for weekend news and return to school on Monday.

Important Information

*A letter about the Mobile Planetarium have been given out. Please pay the £2.97 via ParentPay

*A letter about the Christmas Production has also been given out. (Any questions please feel free to ask Mrs Sheridan or Miss Rayner).

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