The Snowman


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This week we have started our Winter/Christmas topic. Our week started with a mystery! There was a puddle of water, a carrot, twigs and some stones. We had to try and work out what had happened and what it might have been. We had lots of ideas and eventually decided it must have been a snowman and it had melted because of the sun. We then received a book which we read in our guided reading groups.

In Spark Your Speech we spoke about the last page of the book, where James wakes up and the snowman has melted. We talked about what had happened and why as well as how James might have felt.


In Maths, we have been counting buttons on snowmen using 1:1 correspondence and trying to match with the correct numeral/numicon.

In Phonics, we have been recapping rhyme and syllables. We have played rhyming bingo, pass the bag around the circle then clapping the syllables in the objects and find the rhyming object.

During choosing time, children have chosen from activities such as placing buttons on the snowman, Christmas dinner in the home corner, I Spy Christmas edition and snowmen pictures with paints.

Next week we will begin to look at initial sounds, we will continue with The Snowman and beginning to look at Christmas Traditions and in Maths we will look at 2D shapes.

BLP Learning Heroes

This week our BLP heroes are  Ruby (am) for being enthusiastic and joining in, and Sam (pm), for being resourceful when listening for syllables in words. We can’t wait to here what exciting things you have been up to with Ollie Owl. Well done! We are very proud of  you. We have had 5 children complete 3 challenges this week. These are Jax and Esme (AM) and Sam, Layton and Daisy (PM). Good job!

At home with you Little Owl you can:

*listen for syllables in words and clap them out? You could use your name or one of your toys.

*talk about our story The Snowman. What has happened? Who did they meet?

*discuss how you might be celebrating Christmas or any other celebrations?

Please make notes or add photos into the children’s home learning book as well as anything to share for weekend news and return to school on Monday.

Important Information

*Adult Craft Day is on Friday 15th December (AM: 9-10am & PM: 2-3pm).

* Christmas Dinner will be on Friday 15th December. Morning Owls pick up will be from the normal gate at 12pm. Afternoon Owls session will be the same.

*Our Christmas Production is on Tuesday 12th Decemeber (2pm & 5pm). Please remember ALL Owls will be in for the Afternoon Session starting at 12.15pm. NO MORNING SESSION ON THIS DAY.

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