Nibbles the Book Monster!


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Welcome back!

The children have settled back in during our three days back and it is like we have never been away. This week we have shared our holiday news and got straight back into our learning.

On Tuesday, we discovered someone had broken into Nursery and made a mess. Luckily, there was CCTV and we saw that it was a MONSTER! His name was Nibbles and he had been eating our books. In Spark your Speech, we used adjectives to describe the monster, we made sure we used full sentences. We also made Wanted Posters to help us find him.

In Maths, we have been doing a number squiggle. We have been using chalk and pens to write our numbers. Seeing if we could recognise them as we see them before we write them.

In Phonics, we are beginning to introduce letter sounds to the children. We have introduced ‘m’ this week. We have also focused on hearing initial sounds in words. We will continue with this next week and introduce the sound ‘a’.

During choosing time, children have chosen from activities such as making playdough monsters, drawing their Christmas News, using tweezers to find the numbered beans in the porridge and scooping with spoons in the Sand Tray.

Next week we are hoping Nibbles will send us a new book and story to explore! In Maths we will look at counting objects and making sure we count each object once, as well as lots of fun choosing activities.

BLP Learning Heroes

This week our BLP heroes are Jax (am) for resourcefulness in letter and sound recognition and Zayn (pm),for recognising letter names and writing them. We can’t wait to here what exciting things you have been up to with Ollie Owl. Well done! We have also had 2 children on the Extraordinary Zone. Katie for resourcefulness hearing initial sounds and Zara for resilience when writing her name. We are very proud of  you. Good job!

At home with you Little Owl you can:

*Look for the ‘m’ sound in your environment and practice writing it. (Use the mantra Maisy Mountain mountain.)

*Look for patterns in the environment.

*Share your favourite Fairy Tale.

Please make notes or add photos into the children’s home learning book as well as anything to share for weekend news and return to school on Monday.

Important Information

*If anyone would like to volunteer to be a Mystery Reader on Tuesdays, please come and speak to Mrs Sheridan or Miss Rayner.

Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!

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