Nibbles & Goldilocks!


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This week Nibbles has sent us a fantastic Fairy Tales book selection and has left us lots of challenges to complete.

In Literacy this week we have been listening to Fairy Tales and trying to predict what may happen as well as talking about key events. In Spark Your Speech we watched part of a video where wolves chased a girl. We then had to predict what was going to happen next. We used full sentences, actions and pictures to describe what we thought was going to happen and then we continued the video to see. We were all very surprised to see that the wolves and the girl were actually playing hide and seek!

In Maths, we have been helping Nibbles with counting. He has been wanting to know how many books he has been nibbling through so we have had to help him.

In Phonics, we are beginning to introduce letter sounds to the children. We have introduced ‘a’ this week. We have also focused on hearing initial sounds in words. Playing games like I spy, giving silly alliteration names and silly soup.

During choosing time, children have chosen from activities such as creating monsters in the workshop with different materials, counting with wands, reenacting Little Red Riding hood in the small world and practising our new sound.

Next week we are hoping Nibbles will set us some more challenges focusing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

BLP Learning Heroes

This week our BLP heroes are Keisha (am) for resilience when doing a counting activity with Mr B and Caitlin (pm),for recognising letter sounds and initial sounds. We can’t wait to here what exciting things you have been up to with Ollie Owl. Well done! We have had 3 children complete Superhero Challenges, these are Jax, Katie and Esme.  We are very proud of  you. Good job!

At home with you Little Owl you can:

*Look for the ‘a’ sound around you. Can you write it? (around the apple down the leaf.)

*Go on a shape hunt. What shapes are around you?

*Create and describe your own monster?

Please make notes or add photos into the children’s home learning book as well as anything to share for weekend news and return to school on Monday.

Important Information

*If anyone would like to volunteer to be a Mystery Reader on Tuesdays, please come and speak to Mrs Sheridan or Miss Rayner.

*Reading books have gone home. Please bring them back on Thursday’s, they will be changed and given back on Friday’s. Please leave a comment in the book so we know it has been read.

*A survey has been sent out, please fill them in and return to school ASAP. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!

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